Special custom cables
for your application

Customized cables from A to Z.

Beyond the standard.

Your needs come first. No matter how complex or unique they may be-we always find the best possible solution for you.

To achieve this goal, we do not just constantly develop our standard items. Together with you, we develop product and system solutions that fit your needs and fully convince in terms of functionality, quality, and cost.

Take advantage of our personal consultation, right on the spot. Our technicians and sales agents will help you with technical questions regarding application, product properties, or material selection.

Rely on our know-how in cable technology during the development phase and benefit from the very beginning.

Our consulting approach: we examine your needs together with our 5-step plan.


Particularly relevant here is the place of use such as indoors, outdoors or underground. In addition, we need to know the type of application, such as fixed installation, mobile laying, with alternating bending or with torsion. This gives rise to additional important criteria for us, which we define with you.


The specific cable structure is important for individual special cable requirements. Together we look at options for cable construction, conductor material, insulation materials, or even outer sheath materials and colors.


Electrical requirements, mechanical and other requirements, and important or necessary approvals/guidelines.


Is there a standard product close to the desired range of functions?


Here we control the quantity required and the desired presentation. Are skeins or reels required? Is there a desired date?

Custom Solutions KC Industrie

We will be happy to recommend your customized cable solution.